The Difference Between Hooking Up And Dating

These days, things aren’t as simple as they used to be when it comes to relationships. One type of phenomena that has arisen in the past few years is the whole notion of “hooking up,” which is typically the opposite of what dating is. If you are currently wondering how to characterize your relationship with someone, below is an overview of exactly what you need to know. Understanding where your relationship stands can better help you make the hard decisions that you need to make. You’ll also be able to figure out where you want to go and what you want to do when it comes to the future of your relationships.

The “Hook-up” Relationship

Most likely, you’ve heard of the term “hook-up.” It could even be the case that you yourself may be involved in this type of relationship. For those who are not fully aware of what the definition is, hooking up is essentially a highly-information type of relationship where both parties involved gain a mutual benefit. The mutual benefit usually arises out of sexual relations between the two parties. In most cases, if you are hooking-up with another person, your relationship with that person is not going to go beyond that. Individuals who hook up are not looking for something serious or long-term.


The Date Relationship

This type of relationship is much more formal. Here, both parties enjoy the company of another when going out to various places. When you date an individual, you get the opportunity to learn about them on a more persona and inner level. For example, each of you share your interests, you talk about your families, and you get to know about one another’s dreams and aspirations. If this process goes well, then both of you stand in a position to continue seeing one another. This type of relationship has much more potential for becoming more serious.

If you are in this type of relationship and are looking for a serious commitment at the end of the line, then you should make your intentions clear. While it may seem to be an uncomfortable topic to broach, being completely upfront with your companion is one of the best things that you can do. Your partner will appreciate the honesty and you both may even feel the same way about one another and where you both want to be in the future.

Tips For Ending A Relationship

When you fell in love for the first time, you don’t think about ending it. But the most unfortunate fact in life sometimes is it becomes quite necessary to end a relationship. If you are not happy in your relationship, then it’s better to move on in your life.

Ending a relationship is not really so easy and is painful as well. There is nothing better way rather than ending a relationship from which you have been hurt a lot to the core. It’s not mandatory to end your relationship with anger and quarrels; you can even end it utmost dignity, kindness as well as humanity.

Here is a checklist which one needs to know prior to ending a relationship

  • Break up face –to-face

Nobody likes to end a relationship, especially for a sensitive person, it becomes very difficult to forget everything and move on. It doesn’t matter how hard the situation is, one has to take up courage to break up a relation face-to-face. Choose your comfortable time and place. If possible, choose a private place. If you are worried about quarrel and violence, then it’s better to take a common friend to both of yours who can console both of you. But don’t ever try to break up either through text messages or e-mails. This is really unfair method.

  • Be kind and firm in your decision

For most of the people breaking up is like a slap to face from your loved one. Don’t make the end situation very harsh and mess up with violence. Respond with kindness with your partner, show a note of concern and respect to your partner which once you had and felt for each other. Be firm in your decision, even though your loved partner may try to convince you to be like earlier.

  • Be ready to give a shock to your partner
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Obviously your partner may not be having any idea about the breakup. Be yourself prepared even for that possibility as well.

  • Never blame each other

Obviously, during the break up of a relationship, either the guy/gal will be angry. In such a scenario, blaming your partner is not the right thing; it’s just waste of your precious time and energy. Remember that by blaming each other nobody is going to win. It just keeps you stuck in the current reality.

The fact to be agreed is it really doesn’t matter who is right here and wrong, instead one has to focus on how to move forward in life. Forgiving your loved one and their view of life’s reality will really make you feel free.

  • Don’t isolate

When go through breakup obviously it’s not quite easy to forget everything and move on very quickly. To overcome every pain and suffering, it needs certain time. Don’t ever try to be alone during this stage, which can make you feel to call your ex back. So, surround yourself with your loved ones who cares about you. But remember; don’t jump into another relationship so soon.

The above mentioned are some of the essential tips for ending the relationship. By following these, you will just not only able to raise your head but can look for hopeful and positive future as well.

Is It A Good Idea To Make My Boyfriend Jealous?

So you desire to make your boyfriend extremely jealous? Why would you have to do that? Do you need to hold on to your guy through jealousy? Keep in mind, jealousy could be a negative emotion. However, all is fair in love and war. Undeniably, jealousy is the powerful weapon, which you can utilize to your benefit. It can factually add spice to your love life and bring your boyfriend closer to you.

How to make your boyfriend jealous?

If you insist on making your guy jealous and then here are some smart ways to make boyfriend jealous;

Make sure that he has true feelings for you – This is the crucial step on which you must work on. You must be absolutely sure that your boyfriend has some feelings for you. If not, then the jealousy trick may not work. If in case, he is not at all interested in you, and then your effort and time would be an utter waste.

Stay active – Be active and do all your desirable things. When you are busy with yourself, certainly you will not be having time for your boyfriend. This is sufficient to make your man jealous. Anything which takes up your precious time away from him is enough to make him extremely insecure. Soon he might start finding great ways to spend time with you. This jealousy trick works better on ex-boyfriend. This is due to the fact that it shows them that you factually have moved on with your amazing life and having a great time without him.

Flirt with other guy – Nothing drives a man crazy as much as when his girlfriend shows interest in other guy. Men are extremely competitive by natures and if some other men try to flirt with you, even a man who had noticed you prior may take interest. Ensure that your boyfriend knows you are flirting. However, you need to be extra cautious. You must not give your boyfriend a wrong impression. He might totally ignore you if he ponders you are a complete flirt.

Hang out with guy friends – Albeit, you are committed, there is nothing incorrect in having other guy friends. They might have been your childhood friends or any other even prior you had a boyfriend. There is no any need to break such ties. When you hang out with your other guy friends, your man will certainly be a little jealous. Block him totally so that he gets factually jealous. This is one among the best way to make boyfriend jealous.

Things to consider

Always bear in mind, that jealousy when utilized at the apt time and in the proper manner can only add the essential spark to your love life, otherwise it can cause hassles. Making your man jealous could sound like a exciting and tempting way to correct whatever wrong that you are feeling in your love relationship, however if you are strong-minded to go ahead and play the game of jealousy, ensure to think hard and long about the unintended situations.

Be Careful Texting When You’ve Started Dating Someone New

The budding of a new relation means many mysteries about each other’s life and nature in cover gradually. The ideal dates are fruitful when there is some form of texting and information exchange already done. The texting is a good way to exchange thoughts and know each other better; however there are subtle mistakes even while texting which can mar the interest of a date which are worth avoiding.

The texting no-no’s in a new relationship

  • The rule of the game is simple, don’t be the first to text every day. Also, don’t call the person who you casually message just because they are not replying. It is better to wait for replies before re- texting and be higher on self esteem than to look meeker and submissive. This helps to showcase that you too are busy.
  • Over texting can become annoying. Sometimes, revealing every aspect of life in written leaves little room for any conversation for ice breaking when the two meet in person. There are mysteries and surprises to unveil thus the dates become a dull, dragging and boring experience.
  • Also, the matter and the content texted play an importance. Texting too much of things which are unrelated to the dates can be sometimes a turn down. Also, too many romantic messages can be considered too hasty and also gives a sign of being desperate.
  • Also, the best ways to be expressive is using emoticons and smiley and also exclamations with a one word reply for any kind of bigger messages received from the other end. These have a powerful vibe and also showcase that you are really interested in the other person’s interest.


  • Also, use modern acronyms like lol, ROFL and also laugh wholeheartedly on some amusing text can be a good way to bond and also suggests that the jokes are taken light-heartedly.
  • The texting at late nights or while driving are best avoided. The night time beeps can be an irritation in case the phone is on by mistake while being asleep. Also, the texting while driving can be a risky affair.
  • Some voice to voice communication can be a better compliment along with texting and dating. This helps better and confident face to face communication.

Texting-to coordinate and plan dates

Some flirtatious moves can be quite suggestive which can be done by sending forwards to the new date. Also, the texting and dating for a few days can be a good way to ask for a date to continue the interesting discussion. The texting can be great in case it is subtle yet very straight forward to suggest that the person is always in the mind of their date and messages like thinking of you can be an ideal one for new dating. Always, try and opt for a two way conversation, also do not divulge any break up negotiations via messages. Also, in case there is some clarification required get it first. This helps avoid misunderstandings which in extreme cases triggering breakups.

Best places to find single decent guys

Have you found your Mr. Right? Or are you still looking for the right guy who can sweep you off your feet? If this is the case, then you might be probably looking for places where you can find nice single guys who are decent enough and ready to start dating. Women actually tend to make a lot of mistakes when it comes to finding single guys. If you are one such woman then try looking for a guy at the right places to find you Mr. Perfect! However if you are not that creative to find the right places; here is a list of places where you can probably end up finding the right guy for yourself.

Places for finding single guys:

  • Volunteer for a good cause: Social events and gatherings are a perfect place for you to meet your Mr. Perfect. This is the place where a lot of new faces can be seen. Especially when you go to a charity event, you can find a number of single guys who share the same passion as you. It is also relatively easy to start any conversation to strangers at such places.
  • Join any sports club: Staying at home alone will not lead you to good men. Go out and join a sport that you always wanted to play. Apart from finding a good guy, you will also end up staying healthy and enjoying the sport that you love. When you join a sports club, there might be a number of men who can end up teaching you some good tricks as well.


  • Seminars and workshops: Seminars and workshops are great places to learn something new and to also meet new people with the same area of interest. Try joining an interesting workshop and interact with the people there to build new relations and find someone good.
  • Go to coffee shops: Coffee shops are considered best place to find single men as the men who are currently dating mostly don’t sit alone here. So you can easily make out if they have a girlfriend or not. When you sit in a coffee shop, make sure that you are not engrossed too much into your book or laptop. Try to bring up a good conversational topic so that you can interest the guy into talking with you.
  • Online dating: With the advent and popularity of internet, online dating has become one of the major sources of finding good single men in your town. There are a few very popular websites that have thousands of users and you can easily browse through them and strike up a conversation. A blind date with the guy you meet through online dating website would not hurt either.
  • Book stores: Are you a book worm? If so then definitely you would love to be with a man who also loves reading. If this is the case then visiting and spending a lot of time in the book store might not be a boring idea for you and you can also get to meet various single men who have the same interest as you.